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Fixing the Shadows

April 2013

  1. Halfway to Nowhere play/pause
  2. Undone play/pause
  3. Annie play/pause
  4. Morning Crown play/pause
  5. Fate of History play/pause
  6. Darkness play/pause
  7. The Best of Me play/pause
  8. Prelude: Tragic Stories play/pause
  9. Tightrope play/pause
  10. Tragic Stories play/pause
  11. Where I Belong play/pause
  12. Sweet Remembrance play/pause

The new album from songwriter Grant Campbell, featuring twelve brand new tracks.

‘Album of the Week’
The Iain Anderson Show, BBC Radio Scotland

Produced by Grant Campbell & Iain Hutchison
Recorded at Glo-Worm Studios, Glasgow
Mastered by Grammy Award winner Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters